Opening a data file

Before opening a data file check the data formats ChemAdder supports.

  1. Drag and drop the folder containing your NMR data to the Data Browser on the left (you can also follow File → Menu → Add Folder To The Data Browser).

    Data Browser.
  2. Select the desired spectrum file format(s) from the Data Browser.

    Choosing desired spectrum file formats in the Data Browser.
  3. Double click the spectrum file (or right click the spectrum file and select Open from the opening popup menu). As an example, Bruker files can be opened by double clicking the fid/ser file from the Bruker data folder.

    Choosing a spectrum file
  4. If the folder contains parameter files with the same name as the spectrum file, the parameter file chooser is displayed. Select the parameter file to load with the spectrum.

    Parameter files can have the following file types: *.xml, *.tmp, *.pmr, *.asl, *st, *nd, *rd, and *th. Temporary files are generated when SpinAdder is run from ChemAdder and when SpinAdder closes. They are used as an interface between ChemAdder and SpinAdder.

    Note: Acqu(s) and proc(s) files contain parameters for example phase angles and apodization functions which are needed when raw data is converted to spectrum. The acqu/proc files are not used as parameter files.

    Parameter file types
  5. If the folder contains a .sdf file with the same file name as the spectrum (e.g. galactose.sdf), the molecular structure is displayed automatically.

    .sdf file and molecular structure

Opening multiple spectra

  • Select the files from the Data Browser, right click the mouse and select Open from the popup menu.

    Mouse right click the selected files and choose Open.
  • Stacking spectra

  • Select the spectrum files from the Data Browser, right click the mouse and select Stack Spectra from the popup menu.

    Stacking spectra is possible also via the popup menu.
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