Abbreviations and glossary

ASG Atom assignment file extension. It is intended to store the atom assignments between the chemical shifts and chemical structures.
ASL Adaptive spectral library file. ASL files are special case of parameter files which are intended to use in quantitative quantum mechanical analysis.
PMR Parameter file.
QMT Quantum mechanical transition file. Contains observed and predicted spectra.
RF Response factor.
SDF Structure data file is one of a family of chemical-data file formats developed by MDL. It is intended especially for structural information.
TMP Temporary parameter file. TMP files are used in the interaction mechanism between ChemAdder and SpinAdder.
*RF Profile files that are used in the interaction mechanism between the ChemAdder and SpinAdder. The profile file extensions are derived from the parameter file extensions. For example: glucose.pmr → glucose.prf, glucose.asl → glucose.arf, glucose.11th → glucose.11rf.
*ST Parameter file extension: 1st, 21st, 31st, etc.
*ND Parameter file extension: 2nd, 22nd, 32nd, etc.
*RD Parameter file extension: 3rd, 23rd, 33rd, etc.
*TH Parameter file extension: 4th, 5th, 6th, etc.
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