ChemAdder requires Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system and 110 MB free hard drive space (290 MB recommended). It is recommended to have at least 300 MHz CPU and 128 MB RAM.

Mac OS X and Linux are not currently supported.

Installation can be performed by running the ChemAdder setup.exe downloaded from The installation location is C:\ChemAdder. If a previous installation exists, it needs to be uninstalled first.

Uninstallation can be performed by running the maintenancetool.exe which is found via the pathway C:\ChemAdder\maintanancetool.exe and by selecting remove all components:

ChemAdder setup

License activation

Activate a license by following the next steps:

  1. Choose Help → License → Activate from the top menu.

    Activating a license.
  2. Select “Activate ChemAdder online now”.

    Activating ChemAdder online.
  3. Type the product key and press next.

    Typing the product key.
  4. After activation the following dialog appears.

    Succesful activation.

Deactivation and transferring the license to another computer

The license can be deactivated and transferred to another computer. The license is stored to the computer so when reactivating the license, you don’t not need to retype it again.

  1. Select Help → License → Deactivate.

    License deactivation.
  2. The product key can be copied by following Help → Product Key and by clicking Copy to Clipboard. The copied product key can be used for activation on another computer.

    Copying the product key. The product key.
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